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Pay-Per-Result Marketing Agency for Healthcare Tech Companies

What Do We Do?

Cold Email Outreach

Streamline lead generation with targeted, personalized emails connecting you directly to healthcare professionals.

Paid Ads

Drive inbound healthcare leads with precision-targeted ads designed to attract and engage medical professionals


Enhance visibility and attract more healthcare leads with strategic SEO tailored to the medical industry.

Content Marketing

Attract and engage healthcare professionals with compelling, authoritative content that drives conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Boost healthcare lead conversions through optimized user experiences tailored to medical professionals.

Email Marketing

Build loyalty and drive conversions with personalized email campaigns targeted at healthcare professionals.

Performance-Based Partnership

Enjoy the confidence of a partnership where success is shared. Your investment is directly tied to tangible outcomes.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Every decision we make is backed by data collected from the market. This approach minimizes risk and ensures that the growth strategies we recommend have a higher likelihood of success.

Agile Growth Marketing

Benefit from the ability to achieve results quickly through an approach that prioritizes quick experimentation, learning, and iteration. This method ensures that strategies are constantly adapted to meet market demands and opportunities.

Sustainable Growth

Beyond quick wins, we will focus on building a foundation for sustained growth. Strategies are not just about immediate gains but ensuring that growth is scalable, repeatable, and builds on itself over time.

Customer-Centric Approach

Every strategy is tailored to the needs, behaviors, and preferences of healthcare professionals, ensuring our campaigns resonate deeply and drive meaningful conversions.

Only Pay Once You Get Results

Invest in results, not promises. Our performance-based model means you pay only when measurable outcomes are delivered, eliminating risk. This approach ensures your marketing spend is directly tied to actual gains.

How It Works

  1. Initial Consultation: Set up a call to delve into your business needs and evaluate if there's a mutual fit. This first step ensures that the partnership is aligned from the start.
  2. Comprehensive Marketing Audit: Receive a thorough, no-cost marketing audit. This deep dive assesses your current strategies and identifies areas for improvement, setting the stage for informed strategy development.
  3. Strategy and Execution Plan: Develop a tailored strategy and execution timeline, focusing on quick wins. This plan prioritizes actions that deliver immediate results, ensuring a fast track to visible success.
  4. Weekly Reporting: Stay informed with weekly reports that track progress and key metrics. This ensures transparency and keeps you in the loop on the performance of your marketing efforts.
  5. Results Check-In Calls: Engage in regular check-in calls to review results, discuss strategies, and make adjustments as needed. These calls are crucial for maintaining alignment and ensuring that the strategy remains responsive to your business's evolving needs.
  6. Results-Based Payment Structure: Commit to a partnership where payment is only due when results are delivered. This approach ensures that your investment is directly tied to tangible outcomes, aligning our success with yours.

What Clients Are Saying About Us

Bob Darwish

CEO of Omnicare Group

Yala Marketing is a premium partner at a great value. Their services transformed my lead gen workflow - it was a great experience. Highly recommend Moe and his team.

Sune Larsen

Owner Copenhagen  Services

Yala Marketing is a pragmatic problem-solver that get's things done. Exactly the extra set of hands that we needed to launch a new product.

Who is behind Yala Marketing?

Hello! I’m Moe, the force behind Yala Marketing. With extensive experience in the software ecosystem, including significant expertise in selling to the healthcare sector, I understand firsthand the challenges and successes of growing tech companies.

Yala Marketing was created to introduce agile and innovative growth marketing to more healthcare tech companies. Having seen many companies plateau after initial successes or struggle to find effective growth strategies, my mission is to empower these organizations with the necessary tools, strategies, and insights for overcoming obstacles and achieving sustainable growth. My deep understanding of the healthcare market enriches our approach, ensuring that we meet the unique needs of healthcare clients effectively.

My expertise is practical, gained in the trenches of growth marketing. I’ve honed the ability to swiftly pinpoint key growth levers and deploy efficient, impactful strategies that drive success, particularly in the healthcare technology space.

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