Never Run Out of Qualified Leads

Lead generation solution for media and marketing agencies

Targeted leads

We book the meeting and your sales team close it

Never spend more time prospecting 

Constantly new leads for your agency

Through cold email outreach, we will help you fill your sales pipeline with leads and prospects ready to buy from you. Trying to get new customers and running other aspects of your business is time-consuming. You take care of other issues, while we consistently generate leads for you.

Targeted and Qualified Leads 

Based on your targeted customer, we will build a list of targeted and qualified leads. We will research every lead, and try to identify buying singles.

Predictable Sales Process

We will keep testing and optimizing the results until we build a repeatable and predictable sales process that will generate new leads for your business continuously.

Immediate Results

Unlike other inbound marketing channels that take time to see real results, cold email outreach will give you results almost immediately. Most of our clients see results in less than a week.

Reach Any Prospect

Are you trying to get in touch with a decision maker of fortune 500 companies? Cold email is the best way to contact almost anybody in any business. We have helped our clients to get a meeting with the largest companies on the planet.

How It Works

  1. Understand Your Business: We will start by understanding your business, sales goals, and your target customers.
  2. List Building and Research: We will build a list of qualified leads and research each lead to ensure they are qualified and fit for your business.
  3. Personalized Email Reach out: We will use what we have studied about the lead to craft a personalized and effective outreach to ensure the highest response and conversion rate.
  4. Follow Up: For all the leads that do not reply after a certain amount of days, we will craft another personalized email for a follow-up. Usually, this is 3-7 days after the initial email.
  5. Results Optimization: We will keep optimizing different elements of the outreach to ensure you get the highest ROI possible for the outreach campaign.
  6. Track: You will get access to a simple dashboard report that will show exactly what's going on with your outreach campaign (number of emails sent, open rate, response rate, success rate). We will also send you a weekly summary report.


Leads List

List of prospects ready to buy from you



  • Fresh leads specific for your business
  • List of 500 leads
  • Targeted leads who have shown interest
  • Full name, company, website, number of employee,  name, direct email address
  • Fresh leads
600 Outreach

We will do all the hard work all you/your sales team has to do is close these leads




  • 600 targeted and qualified leads
  • $1.6 per lead 
  • Access to dashboard to track the campaign
  • Weekly meeting and review
  • Weekly report of the campaign delivered to your inbox.
  • Access the leads list
  • Dedicated sales development representative
  • Appointments setup
  • Email and phone support

What Clients Are Saying About Us

Zach Valenti

CEO of Beastly Productions

Yala Marketing is a premium partner at a great value. Their services transformed my lead gen workflow - it was a great experience. Highly recommend Moe and his team.

Sune Larsen

Owner Copenhagen  Services

Yala Marketing is a pragmatic problem-solver that get's things done. Exactly the extra set of hands that we needed to launch a new product. Very useful for start-ups and small businesses alike.

Zgjim Domi

Very hard working , I suggest everyone to try their services because you will not be disappointed!.

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